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Anti Virus, Security & Backup

Prevention is better than cure.. Protect the things that matter.. These are all sayings that you should apply to your AntiVirus and Backup policies. 

Real time and offsite backup, and AV scanning, are the best forms of protection, but both are not always possible. With our selection of software we're able to accommodate Megabytes to Terabytes of data with our disaster recovery and AntiVirus planning.

Let us introduce to you Webroot, our Anti-Virus protection. Webroot offers a very adaptable service that gives you the confidence you need whilst browsing the internet. At AnyIT, we take your online security and protection very seriously. That’s why, after much research and trialling, we have chosen Webroot.  

Webroot Infrared is included in your Webroot subscription, this feature enhances your protection online and It adapts itself to your personal security needs. Webroot identifies suspicious files and handles malware (designed to harm your computer).  

 Webroot works silently in the background, the Identity Shield protects your passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data against theft by hackers and other malware attacks. As you surf the internet you can rest assured that your information is secure.

Webroot is super easy to install. We email you a bespoke link, you just need to open the email up on whatever device you’re installing on, click the link and download. As well as super easy to deploy, Webroot is super cheap too. Just £35 including VAT for a whole years’ subscription.

Anti Virus & Anti Spam

Our team will develop the best strategy to attract the defined target audiences and establish their information needs.

Server Backup

Once upon a time, tape backups were the only option for backing up servers. Now with network storage devices we can backup Terabits of information onsite, and move that same data offsite with relative ease. There's no need to have a member of staff swap devices and remove them offsite in rotation, only to find they aren't available when you need them.

With a mixture of onsite backups, offsite backups and replications, we can maintain your data no matter the emergency.

Desktop Backup

Your personal files may just be a few spreadsheets, or the odd family photo and home video. This data needn't be backed up nightly with a dedicated service, but we can still supply the correct solution to allow you to sleep soundly knowing that your data is safe, in the most cost effective way. 

Email Server Backup

If you're running an exchange server and your server fails, recovering emails can be a very time consuming process, and one filled with dread! We've seen server data recovery costing customers' £1000's, all because a proper backup solution hasn't been in place. And depending on the damage - data recovery isn't always possible, even using the countries leading recovery specialists. Don't be caught out by disaster, your data is invaluable!

Website Backup

We all think about backing up our computers (desktop backups and backing up photos for instance), but you may not be backing up your website, which is just as important. We have tools available to backup your site daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of site you run. For online shops we suggest daily backups.

We can manage a single file restore to a disaster recovery of your entire IT setup, a full service IT support solution.

Don't get caught out by data loss, plan for it and be prepared for the day it MIGHT happen.


of Data backed up each month


Scanned Email per month


Files Scanned for Virus's Each month


Webpages filtered each month

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