EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM is a method of connection between a residence or business to the core network through bonded copper pairs. It is used as an alternative to fibre optic connections. While EFM may not be as fast as Fibre optic, it allows for identical upload and download speeds of up to 10-20mb/s.  EFM also offers a fail-safe which keeps you connected should one of the copper wires stop working.

Leased Lines

Direct, private lines between the user and the server point, without the use of a broadband box. These private lines ensure that your broadband speed and connection is shared only between the locations that are connected to the leased line. Because of this, leased lines can offer connection speeds of up to 1gb/s.

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line

The term DSL is used to describe a type of technological device that is used to connect to the internet. The traditional term is ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). Every home that has access to the internet has a DSL device inside of it, most people know this item as the modem. Either wired or wireless, the DSL modem is the most important piece of tech in your house that connects you to the information superhighway.

Bonded DSL

A bonded DSL typically consists of up to 4 standard broadband lines. Each connected to their own DSL modem, which are then all connected up to a master DSL modem, creating a single broadband connection for a business.  This method of connection is mainly used as a cost effective way of improving broadband speeds, or is used as an alternative in the event that the business is unable to benefit from fibre optic broadband.


Satellite connections for broadband work differently than all other broadband options. As the name suggests, your connection to the internet is done entirely via satellite without any copper or fibre wires. A dish is installed on your house which is then connected via cable to a modem which provides coverage for the entire household. Speeds for satellite broadband usually range around 15-22mb/s down and 2-6mb/s up, but typically are only sold with data caps.

3G & 4G

3G and 4G are the third and fourth generation (that's what the G stands for) of internet connectivity methods for mobile phones. Naturally, 4G is more advanced with a better download and upload speed than 3G. These connectivity types are available through a mobile network provider so phones can access and use internet based services, without having to connect to a wireless DSL modem.

Average download speeds and prices per month for central Ipswich area

Because internet speeds are all about location location location, the services on offer are limited to your address. However, we can promise to make sure you have the best connection for your budget.


£25 - £100pm

Can be installed anywhere in the UK regardless of phone line availability.

Download Speed Range

Up to 15mb/s - 22mb/s download speed

Depending on location of the dish, your geographical location, and weather conditions. Also depending on the provider you may notice slower speeds due to congestion at peak times.

Upload Speed

Upload speed on this type of connection range from 1mb to 6mb, and are generally dictated by weather conditions and network usage

Data Allowance

Data limits are quite slow, but increase dependent on the package you choose. That start at 25Gb per month and increase to 100gb per month.

However most connections offer FREE time during off peak hours

Contract Term

Most contracts are 24 months, but there are options to reduce this to 12 and 1 month rolling contracts.

ASDL (Standard Broadband)

£10 - £50pm

Ideal for Bloggers / Start-Ups / Small Businesses with a limited budget.
Download Speed Range

Up to 17mb/s download speed

The max speed you would expect to see on a standard broadband connection is 17mbs, however as these connections are normal only used when FTTC (Fibre) isn't available, the average speed is more likely to be around 5mbs. We can check fully if you can provide your postcode.

Upload Speed

Speed for uploading are general between 0.5mb to 1mb.

However if you need more you can opt for an AmmexM connection that allows for up to 2mb upload, but this does sacrifice some download speed.

Data Allowance

Data allowances options are vast with this DSL/ADSL connection.

Ranging from PAYU to Unlimited connections, all depending on your subscription.

Contract Term

We're very proud to be able to offer 1 month contract on all our DSL/ADSL services.

However longer term connections lower install costs and monthly prices.

We can supply 24/36/60 month terms if needed.


£30 - £300pm

A connection ready for almost anything you can throw at it. Runs off your standard phone line.

Download Speed Range

Up to 38mb/s - 76mb/s download speed for FTTC


Up to 38mb/s - 300mb/s download speed for FTTP

Upload Speed

With fibre connection come much faster upload speed.

Were with the download speed you might achieve an 4x faster service with FTTC over ADSL when downloading, uploading is possibly 25x faster.

FTTC you can exspect to see 20mb upload speeds if you service allows.

With FTTP, you can see 100mb upload speeds.

Data Allowance

Data allowances options are vast with this FTTC/FTTP connection.

Ranging from PAYU to Unlimited connections, all depending on your subscription.

However given the speed you can download at, most connection are supplied as unlimited connections.

Contract Term

All connections start at 12 months, however normally 24 is chosen to reduce install costs.


£350 - £4000pm

For business networks with more than 50 users, or locations that cannot get broadband or FTTC/FTTP

Download Speed Range

Speeds from 50 mb/s to 10,000mb/s download speed

Speeds are chosen at point of order, and prices increase with the increases in speed.

Also install costs may be high with speeds over 100mb/s

Upload Speed

Things are simple with Leased lines, the speed you choose for your download is the speed you get for your upload.

All connection are synchronous.

Data Allowance

All services are unlimited

Contract Term

Because of the install costs involved, most connection are at least 36 months, but many choose 60 month terms to reduce monthly costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my connection speed guaranteed?

No, is the simple answer! Because your connection is shared with many other people, speeds can vary depending on the time of day, and many other network situations.

The exception to this is with Leased Lines, they are generally provided with a 99.9% up time and speed guarantee.

What happens if I exceed my usage?

You're generally billed per GB once you have used your allowance. We do not generally let you know about this, unless you are expected to exceed this regularly, or by more than 10% of you monthly cost.