Webroot – The best in real-time protection Let us introduce to you Webroot, our new Anti-Virus protection. Webroot offers a very adaptable service that gives you the confidence you need whilst browsing the internet. At AnyIT, we take your online security and protection very seriously. That’s why, after much research and trialling, we have chosen […]

Backup Easy to use online backup for PC & Mac. For just £4.95 per month or £49.95 per year Unlimited online backupBackup your whole PC or Mac, no matter how many files you’ve got. Simple & hassle free Installs in minutes. Automatically backs up your files while you work. View files anywhereLog in online at […]

Professional, Affordable Web Design. AnyIT builds professional, cost-effective websites for tradesmen, individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Website design, online shop design, hosting, logos, domain names, emails and support: we take care of it all. Contact Us Services Website Design Our affordable web design package, at just £250 per year, offers everything a good quality website […]

Not all businesses value the single home user, nor see them as the core of their business. We understand that multiple singles of anything equal a whole, and we treat our customers as such. We see every home computer or laptop as part of a much larger entity. You’re able to drop your computer to […]

Can’t Get Broadband? We can set you up with 20mb broadband within 10 days. Suffolk and surround counties within East Anglia have large pockets or towns and villages with a traditional broadband service giving them little or no service. If you have a connection speed of less that 3mb then Satellite is for you. Or […]

A company relies on its IT for more than just simple letter writing or sending email; holiday bookings, job appointments and customer contact details, plus many more mission critical business tools rely on IT. [button style=”large yellow rounded” link=”/monthly-computer-support-contracts” target=”_self” ]Monthly Support Contract (Fix your costs)[/button]   As an Ipswich based business IT support company we […]