Gary Rayner

Gary Rayner, Our MD, Owner and Lead Technical Engineer. Gary conceived the idea of AnyIT many years before it was a fully flung business! Helping friends and family, growing his knowledge and skills until in 2005 it became a reality. These days he leaves the majority of the day to day technical work to his team, concentrating on building the business and making sure we’re running like a well oiled machine!

Gary has been in IT his whole life, starting in middle school helping the IT staff and students whenever he could. At High School, during 6th form, he was employed part time to help support the school’s IT systems and Staff, after finishing school this role moved to being full time. His next job was as an IT technician at The Norwich School where he saw their system grow to more than 1400 users and 300 workstations. After completing a 5 year period at Norwich he founded AnyIT. Gary started the business working from home, fixing friends PC’s until, through word of mouth and recommendations, he had a big enough customer base to require his own shop. In 2008 he officially incorporated AnyIT, and things have gone from strength to strength. AnyIT now supports over 30 business contracts as well as countless consumers, servicing all areas of information technology. Outside of the office Gary can usually be found on the golf course.

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