We all know that IT doesn't stop evolving, and neither do WE. At AnyIT, we're always studying and researching the latest software, to keep you up to date.
Always working to improve your IT
Gone are they days when your mobiles and phone system were separate things. With unified communications, nowadays the possibilities are endless.
Telecoms come in all shapes and sizes
Phone Systems

Business IT Support

Business computer support, for businesses between 1 and 150 users. We are a full service support company, providing supplies, help desk, ticket logging, onsite & remote support. Acting as your in-house IT department, for all of your IT needs.

What is an MSP? a company that supplies services and software to businesses, manages those same services and software either on premise or in the cloud. Sometimes items called SaaS (software as a service) will be included within the support and example of this would be Office 365 from Microsoft. 

Consumer (Home User) IT Support

All computers brought into us are subject to a minimum £20 + vat charge for the inspection and quote. We operate a clear rule that if we can fix your issue without contacting you first, the charge will be just £30 + vat. No further work will be chargeable without prior consent.

Just some of the things we cover, but remember we are Any IT so if it’s computer related, we cover it.

Telecoms, Mobile and Fixed Line/ VoIP

We provide phone lines (PSTN), broadband, ISDN, & SIP lines. We supply, install and maintain both traditional digital phone systems, as well as modern hosted phone systems, in both physical onsite and remotely hosted offsite servers. With exceptional call rates and great flexibility, phone systems can start from as little as £6 + vat per month.

Business IT Support

Monthly Support Contracts

Fix your monthly/yearly IT costs into one agreed price, and benefit from the knowledge that no matter the IT issues you have, we wont charge you anything beyond your monthly support costs. Prices are based on the number of PC's, Server's and Mac's that you use.

Peace of mind that your staff can call and have problems fixed without you receiving a bill for the job, also

Fixing costs at an agreed monthly rate, saves your accounts team time, and gets the jobs solved faster, while

Knowing that you can rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team, trained to Microsoft Certified Professional standards. With over 27 years combined experience in IT

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Full Service Telecoms Support and Supply

Over the years telecoms have progressed a long way, reducing monthly costs and increasing flexibility. However they have also moved from closed unconnected system to internet connected flexible systems normally connecting to other unrelated services like CRM's. As IT providers we're well placed to supply, install and manage this environment so you gt the most out of your new phone system.

Why not take advantage of that change within YOUR business. Some of your options you'll see below.

Other Services we offer...

Below are a few extra services we offer, of course to list everything here wouldn't be practical. To view all services, please hover over the main menu and all will be revealed.

New & Used Computers

A one stop shop for any Computer related purchase. Supplying Desktops, Laptops and Apple Mac's, both old and new.

Servers & Network Attached Storeage

Traditional servers manufactured by HP, Dell and Fujitsu Siemens. We also supply Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems, Server cabinets and more...

Backup (Offsite and Onsite)

Backup services for both onsite and offsite backup, with versioning and reporting all available. A real enterprise service designed to deal with any type of failure.

Anti Virus + Anti Spam

Military grade cloud based anti-virus protection and anti spam services. Protecting our customers' email inboxes from spam, by stopping it before it even arrives.

Office 365

Email availability is a must for any business. Providing the correct solution to a smaller company, giving it all of the advantages that a larger business has when utilising Microsoft Exchange, is a necessity. Office 365 provides all of this without capital outlay.

Web Design

Offering entry level web design in-house, and outsourced UK bespoke site design, we can supply the answers you need. Starter sites start from £300.