Remote Access

Welcome to our remote support portal, please read the following information before you proceed.

Welcome to our remote access page, please read below before you proceed. When we have remote access to your computer we assume you have agreed and understand everything below

Remote Support Request

We take you security very seriously and we fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. In an effort to keep you informed the key points below must be read understood and agreed to.

  1. We will be able to see your screen and any information you have on it.
  2. We will have full control of your mouse and computer during the remote session
  3. We will be able to make changes to your computer that are NOT visible to you on your screen
  4. We will have access to ALL files on your device while we have an open session.

With the above points in mind the following also apply

  1. All agents of AnyIT can only access our remote support software by using Two Factor Authentication. (even if someone has our usernames and passwords they still cant access your device)
  2. All staff have a non disclosure agreement in place that extends beyond their employment contract. (meaning none of your information will be discussed outside of the working requirements)
  3. We only have access to your systems while the session is open, if your offline or turned off we cannot access your PC.
  4. We put a banner at the top of the screen telling you we are connected.
  5. Our remote support software is not a cloud product, its an in-house system only accessible by AnyIT stored within the EU

Remotes Access Portal

Below is a windows asking for a code to be input.

When you click on this window you are agreeing to our notices on this page and to our Terms of Business and Privacy Policy (GDPR)

If you are in any doubt about the security of this connection please call us on our main office number to confirm we are who we stay we are.

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